Planning a wedding is exciting and fun. It is also time-consuming, stressful, and overwhelming. Whether the event will be small and simple, or large and elaborate, there are dozens of decisions to make. The venue has to be selected, a menu has to be decided upon, cakes have to be tasted, decorations and flowers arranged, and a guest list to create.

Once those are completed, there are seating plans, transportation for the wedding party, and music to sort out. Most people are attempting to get all this accomplished while holding down full-time jobs, taking care of children, or operating a business. Dress fittings have to be squeezed in there somewhere, as well as provisions for hair and makeup on the big day.

Planning Made Easy

Instead of attempting to cover all the details all alone, leave it to experienced professionals. Decide on a theme or setting, determine the number of guests to be invited, and create a budget. Bring that information to a top catering company in Sydney and have no worries. A team of planners, stylists, expert decorators, and chefs will do the rest.

A Multitude of Options

Wedding packages are available to suit most budgets and can include exclusive access to some of the best venues in Sydney. Food options in packages include cocktail foods, buffets, or fine dining with classic and deluxe inclusions. Menus, details of packages, separate options, and pricing are all outlined at

Do not stress over the arrangements. Decide on the preliminaries and call for an appointment with a wedding planner to get the arrangements started. It is wise to begin the process as early as possible to ensure the venue desired is available. For those couples who have no idea what type of wedding they want, making an appointment can be helpful.

After thirty years in the business, planners can offer suggestions, stimulate ideas, and make recommendations. Flexible appointments are available to accommodate hectic schedules. Morning, lunch, and evening times are no problem. The goal is to allow couples to enjoy their wedding day rather than being so exhausted that they are just wishing it all to be over.