Utilizing Magnetic Refrigerator Calendars to Market Your Business

The fridge is the appliance in the home that is commonly accessed. If your home has children, you have probably already attached the school lunch calendar into the fridge to keep tabs on what is happening. Or maybe you have put your chores list there, or your social calendar for the month.

Either way, the refrigerator door becomes one of the major communications paths within the home. Meaning that as a business, there is a fantastic opportunity for you to develop awareness of your brand and your solutions, by supplying a magnetized calendar for the refrigerator.

These refrigerator calendars take several different forms. One type is a twelve page calendar which measures 3×5 with a magnetic backing in which the back will have your business card and all the contact info over it. The next is a bigger one which has a dry erase board to the surface of the magnet which the client can write on. Additionally, it has a grid 5 months’ worth of boxes onto it, so that they could write down the calendar information that is relevant to them. On top it has your logo and business name. These magnetic calendars may be used for decades, and are inclined to get taken by individuals to place on record cabinets or either side of the desks in the office in addition to used as magnetic refrigerator calendars in the home.

From your standpoint, these are like getting personalized directories right where people may see them when they are taking a look at something that wants to be scheduled. The standard companies which use this kind of calendars are physicians’ offices for monitoring appointments, automobile repair areas for scheduled maintenance and tune-ups and printers in which clients are monitoring long-term deadlines.

Your fridge calendar needs to have your company’ name, telephone number, website, and address. Fax numbers are good for magnets intended to target other businesses, doctor’s offices may not require them for patients.

When presenting your company’s information on the magnetic refrigerator calendar, it is good to remember that readability Is important. Do a print outside and check it out at your work premises from a moderate distance. Ensure it could be read on arm’s reach since that is where it will most certainly be sitting.

The final step is delivering them to your clients. You can hand them out in the workplace, or mail them out with the most recent statement. If you Invoice regularly, you can give them out with the invoices of the last months or first months of the year. If there are chances with your regional Small Business Development Council Sessions to get them spread them, then this would be a great business to business style opportunity.

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