Tips to Feng Shui Your Home.

have you ever asked yourself what is Feng Shui and how beneficial it is for those who know what it is you know what it. To answer that, Feng Shui is a philosophical system that originates from china and seek to harmonize people with the environment that surrounds them. Feng Shui gives you more joy, balance and inspiration in your life and helps you to move forward with ease. People today use Feng Shui in interior design as well as house architecture in a bid to make life-force energy flow through there dwellings and make them flourish. You need the expertise of Feng Shui masters or consultants to have your house arranged in a way that enables the proper flow of the energy.

After deciding to Feng Shui your home, the first step is removing the clutter. What you don’t like or you don’t use in your house is considered to be clutter. Clutter can be one of the forces resisting free flow of positive energy around your home. This step should be completed at all cost because it is the starting point creating a house that allows free flow of energy.

The next important thing in Feng Shui is repairing the broken parts such as doors that squeak when being opened or close. The squeaking cries that doors produce when -being opened or closed can be one of the things affecting your moods as well as well-being. Avoiding the squeaks by oiling the doors hinges or repairing broken parts will give you positive energy when you are leaving the house in the morning and when you return home from work. The fact that the entry door represents how positive energy enters your home and life makes it very important.

Good Feng Shui advocates for lack of space between the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. The space between these two attracts stagnant energy and dust. Feng Shui discourages stagnant energy because it has the capability to prevent people from moving on or prospering in life. Plants or other attractive items can be placed on cabinets to eliminate stagnant energy in the area by bring back life that will transform the stagnant energy into useful energy.

Feng Shui also involves where you locate your bed in the bedroom. A bed position in Feng-Shui should not be in line with the door and should enable you see the entrance when you are in bed. Placing the bed diagonally in the room and ensuring that you observe the entrance when on it is one way of achieving the position. When you choose another position, you can use a mirror to enable see the entrance while on the bed.

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