Different Types of Industrial Doors

Industrial doors is the term that is covering a broad range of barriers and access controls that are being used in securing and separating areas of business building while allowing an easy entry and access whenever necessary. These industrial doors could be used in providing environmental control, rapid access, fire protection, high visibility and promotion similar to glass shop fronts and heavy duty security.

In addition to that, industrial doors can help reduce energy costs while providing a positive impact to green issues. Literally, there are tons of terms used in describing industrial doors and some of these include roller shutter doors, sectional overhead doors, sliding folding doors, security doors, warehouse doors, steel hinged doors, agricultural doors and so forth. An important thing to consider here is, you pick the right industrial door for your needs and business application.

Whether you believe it or not, the design and materials used in construction is what applied in making industrial doors. This allows them to withstand the extreme like cold, dust, heat and wind, forced access, fire resistance and sound proofing. For you to find doors that are perfect for the needs of your business, these are only few of the things that you have to bear in mind.

As what mentioned, there are various kinds of industrial doors that you can find today and some of these are discussed in the next lines.

Roller shutter doors – this has myriad of horizontal bars or even slats that are hinged and also, can operate in a vertical plane within the frame. The operation could be manual or electrical and can be operated by making use of remote control, motion sensor triggered, photocell, induction loop.

Whenever the business or warehouse needs thorough protection and security from the environment while having easy access when needed, these roller shutter doors do the job just fine.

Sectional overhead doors – such doors are in some way like roller shutter doors mainly because of its vertical operation and also, it has the ability to operate in a limited space. Such characteristics are also limiting the potential for car damage because the doors are out of harms way when open.

PVC strip curtains or crash doors – if for example that your business is in need of access between partitioned areas, then a crash door or PVC strip curtain is what you need. Only crash doors are able to offer that easy access to forklift trucks, to personnel or vehicles through controlled access without stopping, opening and closing doors.

There are many other kinds of industrial doors so be sure that you have selected the one that’s right for your requirements.

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