Five Important Guides to Conducting Family Devotions

Family devotion simply means getting guidance and instructions from the word of God, which is the Bible. The families that conduct family devotions usually have fellowships and prayers as the main subject of the family devotions. The main leaders of the family devotions should be the father and mother. Family devotions could be led by grandparents if the parents are not around. It is also possible for the older siblings to take charge in daily devotions for the family.

It’s important that the family devotions are conducted with the seriousness they deserve. Here are important tips to help you get to conduct the best family devotions ever.

1. God ordained family member should conduct family devotions

The head of the family, who is the father or the mother, should conduct family devotions. It is important that the family member who conducts family devotions is a committed member of the church and Godly teachings. At the moment where the parents are not around, the grandparents or the guardians can take over the role of conducting family devotions. Where the parents are not available, but there are older children who are strong in the ways of the Lord, they could lead the family devotions.

2. When to conduct daily Devotions for Family
It’d depend with the family when it comes to the time to conduct family devotions. Devotions for families could happen before meals. Whatever time a family agrees on to have family devotions, it is important to be energetic and zealous about it. It’d be good to offer every family member a role in the devotions. Literate members of the family could be offered the role of reading the Bible and leading discussions and prayers.

3. Let everyone participate in the Discussions
Let capable members of the family participate in the daily devotions for the family. To lecture during daily family devotions may not be the best. The family members would find it encouraging when they participate in discussions.

4. Time to start and end family Devotions should be well defined
It is important to have a schedule when to start and end family devotions. Keeping time according to the schedule is important to make everyone comfortable. Follow the set time to starting and ending the devotion sessions, to make the family devotions the best.

5. Make it lively
Boring family devotions might make some of the family members to skip some sessions, especially the older ones. So ensure that you keep the daily family devotions positive and fun to keep the interest of the family members.

Family devotions are important. Keep family devotions simple. Maintain the routine and be practical. The habit would only be formed in your family when you start it when the children are still young.

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